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Each class lasts between 2 and 3 hours.

Most menus can be made Gluten-free


$110 (private class for one person) $120 (price for 2 people) $165 (price for 3) $200 (price for 4) 

The students will make French Macarons, Chocolate, Lemon and Strawberry fillings.

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$150 (private class for one person), $160 (price for 2 people) $210 (price for 3) $230 (price for 4) 

The students will make a crispy cake (Hazelnut or coconut), a spongy/moist cake (Almond Financier) and a topping made of berries or chocolate pr lemon & a chantilly (whipped cream) 

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Sweet and Savory SOUFFLES

$130 (private class for one person) $140 (price for 2 people) $195 (price for 3) $240 (price for 4) 

Each student will make a total of 6 souffles: 2x cheese, 2x raspberry and 2x chocolate. One of each flavor to eat right away, one to bring home. 

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All about Choux pastry and Eclairs 

$160 (private class for one person), $180 (price for 2 ) $245 (price for 3) $280 (price for 4) 

The students will learn how to make "Pâte à choux" (Choux pastry): You will make Gougères (Cheese choux), Vanilla Eclairs with a sugar glaze and Chocolate choux with their "craquelin" (crunchy cracked topping)

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$150 (private class for one person), $160 (price for 2 ) $210 (price for 3) $230 (price for 4) 

The students will make:

  • Minis Tuna Mustard muffins & Mustard frosting

  • One rainbow roll cake filled with Strawberry mousse or chocolate ganache


CAKE DESIGN / ROSE CAKE:  $280 (price for a group of 6 people maximum) 

Altogether, the group of students will make a 5-layers rainbow cake, filled with chocolate ganache and/or fruit curd. They will also learn how to make a Swiss meringue buttercream. They will decorate the cake by using piping tips. This class lasts about 2 hours 1/2. 

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VARIETY OF MINIS (can be made Gluten-free)

$190 (private class or for 2 people and 4 varieties) $240 (price for 3 people and 5 varieties) $250 (price for 4 people and 6 varieties) 

Make a variety of mini appetizers and desserts that you can easily do again for the Holidays.

  • Tuna Mustard muffins & Mustard frosting

  • Tomato & parmesan cupcakes with tomato frosting

  • Gazpacho with watermelon, cucumber, fennel

  • Ginger Beets cocktail with dill whipped cream (alcohol free)

  • Cheese Apricot bites

  • Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting

  • Strawberry Tiramisu

  • Chocolate tiramisu

  • Cherry custard

  • Chocolate mousse

  • Chocolate madeleines

  • Lemon meringue pie

  • Vegan cheesecake (Lemon, orange, ginger & coconut whipped cream)

  • Vegan pistachio-pecan muffins

  • Vegan chocolate spinach zucchini banana muffins

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* At Chef Laurence's location (El Dorado Hills) 


* At your location ( add $25 to $50 travel fee depending of your area)