Cooking Classes for Children (4 children minimum)

We can set up a cooking classes camp in English or French for students from 6 to 16 years old.

The class will be in Redwood Shores, during the breaks, for small groups (4 to 8 students) during 4 hours

The students will prepare and cook their lunch and a dessert (from scratch) and eat it together.

Email us if you are interested. 

Cooking classes Camp in  English or in French  during the Breaks

Birthday Party Cooking classes 

We organize them at the location of your choice. We offer hands-on cooking class. For example,  the students will make their own birthday cake or a special pizza or cupcakes. During the baking time, they will make treats like: cookies on a stick, madeleines, whipped cream using the pipping tips, or their cake's decorations.

          Themed cooking classes

In the spring, come for our Easter Theme classes (cupcakes for students 9-13 years old, Chocolate nest & chick buttercream for parent/child)

For Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holidays,  Valentine's, Crepes party, Easter, Mother and father Day we organize themed Cooking classes, as:

For Halloween: Scary monster cupcakes with a homemade frosting, Mini pizzas with scary toppings,  Halloween homemade cookies 

For ThanksgivingCookies & Chocolate cake pops from scratch, Turkey pretzels cookies , Oreo-turkey-cookies...

Crepes party: In February : Come celebrate the "Chandeleur" (French tradition). You will learn how to make and also flip  crepes

Contact us and let us know when your child is available.

Cooking Classes for Adults (4 adults minimum)

For adults, we offer cooking basics, or can help you master techniques and French cuisine (E.g. quiche, soufflé, crepes, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, triple-chocolate entremet, macarons, almond financier with its strawberry mousse..)

Come and bring your friends! Altogether you will cook a 4--course menu!

We’re also compiling a set of themed holiday classes (Halloween, Valentine’s, mother’s day / father’s day / cooking class….).Let us know your needs and we can schedule a class with you.

We also offer team-building cooking class at your office. We bring everything if you do not have a kitchen!