« My Petite Box today » offers cooking classes at your place or in El Dorado Hills (6 people max) 

We can come to two areas: Bay area, Sacramento/ El Dorado Hills area

If you would like to attend a class, let us know your availabilities by email at laurence@mypetitebox.today and we can schedule one

For classes at your location, add delivery fees ($25 - $50).

Our prices include ingredients and materials.

Birthday party cooking class for children 8+ (2 to 4-hour class)at your location only

During this hands-on class, the students will make their own birthday cake. Contact us for more information. (2 1/2 hour class, 8 students minimum)

Starts at $320 with ingredients included for 8 students.

Click here to have more information about prices and meals/cakes.

Couples baking class (2 to 3-hour class):  Almond cake with Berry or Chocolate frosting 

The students will make a French pastry made of a crispy cake (Hazelnut or coconut) a spongy/moist cake (Almond Financier), topped with a Strawberry mousse or 3-chocolate ganache. $180 for 2, $225 for 3, $240 for 4.

Lemon Meringue pie baking class (2 to 3-hour class)

The students will make a French crust "sablé breton", recipe from the west coast of France, a lemon curd and an Italian Meringue. $180 for 2, $225 for 3, $240 for 4.

For Family/adults/teenagers  (2 to 3-hour class): Cake design

During this hands-on cooking class, you will make your own rose cake, filled with a chocolate or fruit ganache and decorate by using piping tips. Starts $300 for a group of 6 people max.

Choose your own cake: add $20 for a 5-layers rainbow cake or a M&M's surprise or fondant...

Baby Shower cooking class (1 or 2-hour class)at your location only

During this hands-on class, the mom-to-be and her friends will bake cupcakes with pink & blue frosting (choose between bright or pastel colors).  The gender will be revealed when you eat the cupcake. 

In one hour, make 80 mini vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with blue or pink frosting. Starts at $310 all included for maximum 20 people.

In 2 hours, bake 60 vanilla or chocolate cupcakes (regular size) with pink and blue filling, and a bicolor blue & pink frosting. Starts at $380 for for one flavor or $420 for 2 flavors; 20 people max.

Contact us for more information. 

Parent-child  class ( 1 to 2-hour class , depending of the age of the children)*

In these classes Laurence will help you and your child (2+ years old) to shape shortbread cookies with cookie cutters and bake chocolate Madeleines from scratch. You will fill the shortbreads with jam or chocolate. $200 for a group of 6 people max.

For children  4 + years old  (1 to 2-hour class) : appetizer + dessert 

The Students will make one appetizer and one dessert: Choose between our 3 menus:

#1: Cheese souffle + chocolate madeleine

#2: Tuna mustard mini muffins + chocolate mousse

#3: Tomato cheese pizza (made with sweet potato crust) + mini cherry custards/flans. 

$230 for a group of 4 ($250 for 5 or 6 participants)

At your location or at Chef Laurence's place with the supervision/help of an adult. 

French  Macarons  class :For adults/ 9+ years old  (2-hour class):  in El Dorado Hills only (Chef Laurence's place)

During this hands-on cooking class, you will learn how to make this French-style cookies and 2 fillings: chocolate and fruit ganache. $55 per person, 2 people minimum.

For adults/teenagers  (2 to 3-hour class): Baking  class : Basic Baking and Pastry Techniques

During this interactive baking class, you will be hands-on in the kitchen and you will learn :

- the basic Baking and Pastry Techniques : mixing, whipping, folding, pipping .

- how to make a meringue, a ganache, a whipped cream (Chantilly)

Are you looking to amaze your friends and Family? Contact us and we will help you to create an amazing cake or a buffet with several kind of appetizers you will bring to your party. 

2-hour private class starts at $150 for one person, $180 for 2, $225 for 3, $240 for 4.

Add $60 per additional hour.

For adults   (4-hour class): 4-course  lunch or dinner class: 4 students minimum

Turn your home into your favorite restaurant by booking this class for a private group session. Have a fun party with your friends and enjoy cooking and indulging in your very own hearty meal & desserts. Menu #1: Taste of France Menu: Cheese souffle, Tomate basil stuffed chicken, potato gratin, almond genoise with strawberry mascarpone whipped cream. $75 per person

Menu #2: Vegan and Gluten-Free: Watermelon & Fennel gazpacho (chilled soup), spinach Gnocchi, fennel pesto, vegan chocolate or vegan pistachio cake, coconut whipped cream. $65 per person

Team Building class (2 to 3-hour class) :  

During this hands-on cooking class, Laurence will bring all the materials you need (even her portable hot plate or oven). You and your team will make a complete menu, a dessert, a French specialty. Contact Laurence and create the menu that will fit your taste. 

If you would like to attend a class, let us know your availabilities at laurence@mypetitebox.today

My Petite Box today moved to El Dorado Hills, but Laurence can still come in the Bay area. Contact her at least one month in advance. 


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