Brook F

For a super fun 11th birthday party!
We had My Petite Box for a birthday cake party. It was amazing. The girls made 2 rainbow roll cakes, one was even gluten free. They made a whipped chocolate ganache for the filling. Also, they got to top it will a mascarpone whipped frosting and sprinkles. The cake was delicious and beautiful, but best of all the girls had a blast.
Chef Laurence was organized and prepared. She came with everything to make, bake, and clean up. She as easy to communicate with and was accommodating for some of the girl’s food allergies. She kept the party moving and the girls engaged.
I look forward to doing the Macaron class and I am even interested in some on the savory classes too.
This party was perfect, memorable, and fun. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended

Brook F (2nd time)

My Petite Box today for the win again. This time I gave Macaron baking classes to all the ladies in my life for Christmas. My mom, 2 sisters, niece, and daughter all got together in January to learn how to make French Macarons. Chef Laurence is welcoming and knowledgeable. This class takes place in her kitchen which is clean, and she was organized for our arrival. We each got to make a filling and mix the macaron batter. She made each step easy and she was there to make sure we did it correctly. After piping the cookies and baking them we got to fill them with the 3 fillings we made. It was a fun and educational afternoon. We wore berets for the fun of it and got to hear a little about France from Chef Laurence. I am looking forward to our next class together. I have gotten all the stuff to give it a try at home, the macarons were delicious but are all gone.

Genevieve C

My son (14 years old)attended two 4-hours cooking classes with Laurence. He (and 3 other students) made lots of meals such as Cheese soufflé, Spinach roll cake, gnocchis, meatballs, Rainbow roll cake, crepes and cookies, everything from scratch. He was excited to come back home with leftovers. He had so much fun that I decided to ask for a private class with my grand daughter. I was impressed by the patience Laurence had teaching us how to make a 5-layers cake and also by her great organization, the booklet of recipes and the pictures she sent after each class. I highly recommend her. We, for sure, will come back again !

Dee B

Laurence is absolutely amazing!! My five year old granddaughter and I made the Rainbow Roll cake. Laurence is kind, patient, knowledgable and organized! Her kitchen is over the top clean!! She was quick to communicate and made it easy to schedule an appointment. Best part the cake was DELICIOUS!!! Thank you so much Laurence!!

Morgan R

Making French macarons with Chef Laurence was a delight! She was extremely helpful and patient even when my boyfriend and I messed up, and the macarons were delicious. It was an amazing experience to learn from her

Richard R

My 13 year old son had an awesome time making three incredible French desserts at my petite box. Can't wait to see what treats he learns to make his next class.

Kassandra P

We can't wait to book Laurence again for our next bday party! My daughter and her friends had the BEST time. :-) Super sweet, and so knowledgeable! Like I said, we will be booking her again. Thank you Laurence!!!

Melanie P

Bring a little "French" into your kitchen! Chef Laurence is patience, thorough and a delight with all her personal touches. We made, enjoyed and consumed a delicious quiche au naturel surprisingly with most ingredients easily measured with a scale to save time, cleaning measuring tools and accuracy. Enjoy the talent of Chef Laurent in your kitchen.

Bonni B

They turned out so yummy and pretty, as well. Laurence was patient with us and very supportive as we learned a brand new baking skill. It was a treat to be able to offer Macarons as a special Thanksgiving dessert. We both highly recommend My Petite Box Today!

Frederic D

We had such a fantastic time with Laurence!
I had organized a cooking class and dinner for my wife, her Mom and their friends as their Mother's Day gifts.
This was a very special event thanks to Laurence.
Everybody had a blast cooking and, of course, eating.
Laurence is very flexible and can arrange a wide variety of menus.
The food was excellent!
We will hire her again soon and often!

Aimee B

What a great experience for my teenage daughter and her friends! Laurence was very friendly and professional with them and made them feel comfortable and welcomed. The kids were able to choose the recipes they wanted to make in advance and Laurence was completely prepared and ready for them when we arrived! I would highly recommend My Petite Box for a fun cooking/baking class at any age. The parents were so impressed with what our kids brought home that we want to plan a couples cooking night next!

Nicole A

I hired Laurence for a private baking class. For Valentine's Day I wanted to surprise my grandchildren with a special appetizer. Everything was so well organized and supervised. Laurence taught me how to make a savory cake (heart shape) topped with smoked salmon, cucumbers, cream cheese and fresh herbs. Her talent amazed me, everything looked easy to do. I can't say enough about what a great time and fun I had, highly recommended. Thank you, Chef Laurence

Gaby A

My French students and I had a fun yet educational experience with Chef Laurence. She made sure to engage everyone in class and checked for understanding at all times. The fact that she conducted the whole baking class in French was superb. We all really enjoyed it and learned a lot!

Sherrie D

My son bought a "cooking class for 2" gift certificate for his girlfriend for Christmas. He wanted something different and unique. Your class did not disappoint! I wanted to say "Thank you!" The kids had such a great time in your class yesterday, and the macarons are delicious! They allowed me to try one! Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for my son and his girlfriend. It was very special.

Sonja M

Thank you Laurence for organizing this real hands-on baking class. She was a great instructor, patient, kind and fun. All the supplies and ingredients were ready for me in class. She did a good job explaining the steps and techniques. I learned so many tips for macarons. I was able to recreate all the steps at home. I can now make French Macarons! I definitely recommend Laurence. I can't wait to take another class! Maybe a « Eclair & pate a choux » baking class ?


We had an amazing experience in the macaron baking class. I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like to learn to make macarons or French goods in general. Thank you for a fun and enjoyable time.

Aimene M

In Laurence’s class I learned how to make beautiful and delicious macaroons.
Her class was fun and taught me a lot about the amazing baking process for those tasty deserts. Laurence was very patient with me and a joy to learn from. 
Merci beaucoup Laurence pour tes conseils et ta méthode comment réussir tes délicieux macarons

David R

My wife and I spent a morning learning how to make French Macarons. The class was well structured and flowed smoothly. We thoroughly enjoyed the expert instruction and anecdotal input from our host. And the finished product was beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend these classes.

Sheri W

My grandson and I had a wonderful time during our baking class with Laurence. We not only had fun learning new cooking techniques but took home a delicious cake. She is a wonderful chef and teacher, I highly recommend her classes and we hope to take the crepe lessons next time!

Kevin F

My wife and I spent an afternoon with Laurence baking delicious French desserts. She was such a lovely host and a great baker. We had a lot of laughs, and took home a fantastic dessert, along with tips, tricks, and recipes. She was very accommodating during the planning, and went above and beyond to make my wife's birthday special. We'd love to take another class with Laurence.

Julia P

Laurence did a cooking class for my daughter's birthday party. She did an amazing job organizing 10 eight and nine year old girls. The girls were engaged during the entire 2 hour class and were excited to participate. They made two rainbow cakes. There were lots of opportunities for everyone to participate and learn. Laurence explained everything well and helped the girls as needed to stay on track. She is knowledgeable, patient and fun. The girls had a lot of fun. I cannot wait to do another cooking class with her!

Sharon H

I surprised my daughter and friends with a morning of making French Macaroons with Chef Laurence. It was a fabulous experience and so much fun!!! The Chef was a great teacher and offered lots of tips. I highly recommend the class and the overall experience. A real treat for sure!

Virginie G

Laurence is an amazing chef, my both kids (8 and 9) had birthday cooking class with her and they had a blast. She knows how to handle kids and keep them interested. The cakes are very creative and delicious. I really recommend her.

Apryl L

I booked this class to go with my mom to learn how to make french macarons. It was so much fun! Lots of tips and tricks when it comes to the French Baking technique. Better than what YouTube showed me, probably because it was in person =)

Estelle D

I booked a family cooking class and picked the "Taste of France" menu. We were amazed by Laurence's organization and her "savoir faire". Both my sons loved making the Fantastik cake with the strawberry frosting!For sure we will come next time for her "sweet and savory souffles" baking class! Highly recommended!

Sushma M

I had great time learning how to make delicious french macarons with Laurence. She kept the class very hands on so we could learn. She also provided us with great tips through out the class. I can't wait to go back and learn more amazing dishes from her.

Larry K

Just got back from a team building dinner, taught/lead by Laurence. We all had fun during the cooking, learned a lot along the way about appetizer preparation, main course cooking and even dessert baking and decoration, and in the end the food was fantastic - even though we were the ones cooking it! Thanks Laurence for an all round wonderful experience!

Carina N

We loved taking the macaron class with Laurence. She was very kind and patient. I brought my 12 yr. old daughter and her friend. They loved it. We made our own yesterday and they came out perfectly! I highly recommend taking this class if you want a fun dessert to bring to a party or if you just want to gobble them up.
Then my daughter did a cooking camp with Laurence last summer. She came home confident in her cooking skills with recipes and leftovers! I was a little jealous, so I booked a dinner class with a group of friends. Laurence came to my home, brought all the cooking tools and food. It was a great hands on class and my friends had a great time! She is patient and kind.

Shweta S

Very professional as well as loads of fun. The chef is super informative and it was a hands on class. We had signed up for a French macaroons class and not only did we learn well, we also got great tips which could come only from a very experienced chef. It was loads of fun and the extra mile the chef went to make the class experience extra special is very commendable. Loved it and will be back for sure. This is going to become our go to place for girls events , team building and even kids birthdays

Samuel M

Learning how to bake, and seeing the results of what I am able to accomplish is outstanding. Lisa make you feel like you are at home ,conferable with your baking skills. Beginner, intermitted experience, she will make sure you are guided and show you some of her skills that you can take with you forever. Learning how to bake macaroons was a lot of fun. She explained everything so clear, it felt like you were having a one on one baking course. Everyone around had a lot of fun, and were able to eat and share their wonderful creations of bake goods. I will definitely recommend My Petite Box to my closest friends and family.

Samantha N

My daughter loved going to cooking class, she had a blast and the teacher was so sweet. She learned how to do some great meals! Highly recommend!

Joelle H

We had an amazing cooking class with Laurence. My family and I made a vegan menu: chilled soup, gnocchis with a fennel pesto and a almond pear cake. We had so much fun! I highly recommend “my petite box today”.

Elizabeth C

Laurence was amazing at our 7-year old daughter's birthday party cooking class. She was very helpful planning out the party and helping troubleshoot issues, very responsive and thoughtful. She came organized and on-time with her kit of ingredients and tools. She was so great with the kids and teaching, and very reasonably priced. I would not hesitate to book her again. Thank you Laurence!

Fiona W

Highly highly recommend Laurence! We hired her for my 9yo's birthday party and the kids had a great time. Laurence did a great job keeping the kids engaged. She brought everything needed to instruct 11 kids and even cleaned up! I don't usually let anyone in my kitchen (even to do dishes!) but I have zero regrets. My daughter thought it was the best bday party she's had and all the kids ate everything they made, including a rainbow birthday cake they made for the celebration.

Preeti J

My 11 y.o daughter took a summer camp session with Laurence and had a wonderful experience learning to bake and cook some nifty dishes hands on! It helped build her confidence in and around the kitchen tremendously and she is already looking forward to another opportunity to sign up!
As a mom, it was wonderful to see a daily dose of pictures of kids working together on elaborate dishes that Laurence so diligently shared. The small group setting and the 1/1 attention really helps the kids *own* their dish.. individually and as a team! My kiddo came home with some wonderful samples and recipes.. and a whole lot of fun memories! Since we were new to the area, it also helped break the ice in terms of her making friends. My daughter had high praise for Laurence and her sunny disposition and her herb garden.. and her home.. let's just say, she was one happy camper!
Highly recommend My Petite Box Today for kids cooking classes!

Laetitia V

I hired Laurence @ My Petite Box Today as a personal chef to prepare a lunch for a special occasion. We were 9 adults and 8 children. From the beginning, Laurence was very easy to work with: she proactively contacted with me, proposing amuse-bouche, appetizers, entrees, cake and sweets for all tastes and recommended some of her client's favorites. We settled easily on a menu and she even helped select the wine.
Earlier to the event, she came to check out our kitchen and setting. On the day of the event, she came early with a help and worked on the meal prep as well as to setup the table. As all the guests gathered, she served the amuse-bouche and the rest of the meal introducing each dish in a grand fashion. We were all delighted by the presentation and taste. Later on they left our kitchen spotless. Overall that was an exceptional experience and a great relief for me not to think about the meal prep on top of the rest of the activities that were planned that day.

Patti A

I attended "A Taste of France" cooking class with Laurence at a private home and had a wonderful time making, then eating, Cheese Souffle, Chicken Ballotine, Potato Gratin, and Almond & Coconut Financier Cake with Strawberry Mousse. Laurence was outstanding - extremely well prepared, lovely to cook with, knowledgable and full of great tips even for people who have been cooking and baking for a long time. I am looking forward to attending another class with her!

Aurelien R

We hired Laurence for our wedding anniversary, to try something different from the classic restaurant. Hard to explain how good a choice it was! Laurence took care of everything. While the table was getting setup, we spent some quality time relaxing outside. Then, all we had to do was to enjoy the lunch, from the appetizer cold soup to the strawberries and cream of the dessert. And as we ordered sufficiently for 4 persons, we could start all over again the next day :-) A great moment, a great lunch! (or two, maybe three actually.)

Dean C

We were invited by our friends to a private cooking class and dinner prepared by Laurence, from My Petite Box.  I was impressed with her ability to stay organized and focused in the kitchen.  I wasn't sure what to expect since we were going to be "Students" attempting to prepare a 5-course menu for 8 guests.  Our Menu for the evening included: (Cheese soufflés', Chicken Ballotine, Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Eggplant gratin and special Push pops for dessert).  We learned some valuable cooking lessons and enjoyed an incredible meal with great friends!  Laurence and her daughter were a joy to work with and made the evening a fun experience.  Highly recommend this hands-on activity that friends and/or family can enjoy together.  Great Job Laurence!

Keith V

Laurence prepared and served a delicious dinner for a small group in my home.  She worked with my wife and I to plan a menu considering gluten free and dairy free options for one guest.  She decorated the table for our Valentine theme, prepared a creative menu, and beautifully presented our sumptuous French meal.  We had the pleasure of spending time with our guests and walked into a clean kitchen after everyone left.  I recommend Laurence for easy entertaining at home or for her cooking classes.

Cecile E

I asked Laurence from My Petite Box Today if she could make a cake for my son's 5th birthday. She was very proactive and suggested many different options. In the end, we settled on a rainbow layer cake filled with surprise M&Ms, a rainbow roll cake and some cake pops. Everything was delicious! My son and his guests were all delighted. All the pops disappeared quickly, I could not even get one to try! I would recommend Laurence, as she was easy to work with and very dedicated to baking something to make our event a success!

Claire B

I hosted a house warming party with 50+ guests at my new house in Los Gatos. I hired Laurence to take care of the buffet. She went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect and ready when the first guests arrived. Everything was absolutely delicious and it looked so beautiful. A true professional, without a doubt. I will not hesitate to call her again for my next event. Merci Laurence!