Valentine's Specials: Bake & Cook with/for your Loved ones

All included - Fixed prices

Gift certificates available (email us

Offer ends 2/16/20 (certificates expire 7/31/20)

Gift certificate for 2:

French Macarons: $110

Sweet & Savory souffles: $130

Fantastik cake: $160

Gift certificate for 6 max: $250

Cake Design

Rose cake


Gift certificate for one : $140 

Private class,

pick your own menu /cake

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Valentine's rose cake.png
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Sweet and Savory SOUFFLES  $130 (price for 2) $180 (price for 3) $220 (price for 4)

Each student will make a total of 6 souffles: 2x cheese, 2x raspberry and 2x chocolate. One of each flavor to eat right away, one to bring home. 

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Valentine's sweet savory souffles.png

All about Choux pastry and Eclairs*  $165 (price for 2) $225 (price for 3) $260 (price for 4)

The students will learn how to make "Pâte à choux" (Choux pastry): You will make Gougères (Cheese choux), Vanilla Eclairs with a sugar glaze and Chocolate choux with their "craquelin" (crunchy cracked topping)

*opening in April

chou eclair gougere.jpg
Valentine's Eclairs Choux for X people.p

Limited Time: Only in February and March!

Sweet or Savory SHAPE CAKE*  $150 (price for 2) $210 (price for 3) $260 (price for 4)

Your will make your choice a special cake :
- Savory crust topped with smoked salmon, cucumbers, cream cheese& herbs/tomato

- 2 Layers of cakes topped with your choices (2) of chocolate, strawberry, lemon, vanilla.

Optional: Fresh berries (add $3 per person), meringues ($2 each)

*can be made Gluten-Free, choose the shape between heart, butterfly, flower, number or letter


* At Chef Laurence's location (El Dorado Hills) 


* At your location ( add $15 to $50 travel fee depending of your area)